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Peanut Butter Breath


Dosidos x Mendo Breath F2 (Studly Spewright)



“Peanut Butter Breath,” a Cup-Winning variety that earned its name & reputation due to its unique peanut butter terpene profile and Mendo Breath ancestry. The breeders at Thug Pug Genetics crossed Dosidos with Gage Green Genetic’s Mendo Breath F2 (Studly Spewright) to create this award-winning cannabis strain. This rare, evenly balanced hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) is a part of infamous Northern California’s “Cookie" line. Due to the Cookie genetics, this strain is known for its incredibly high THC content and beautiful dark purple hues.

No surprise it ranked in the 2018 Emerald Cup. This unique terpene profile is comprised predominantly of Linalool. But Myrcene, Limonene & Caryophyllene still play a significant role, with just faint traces of Pinene. Peanut Butter Breath’s terpene profile offers a robust and multilayered aroma truly worthy of its namesake. This strain delivers a complex nutty, sometimes slightly peppery, earthy, almost floral notes with subtle citrus undertones. This special, award winning strain is a well-rounded delight, that smells remarkable and is perfect for a wide array of medical ailments, such as loss of appetite or nausea, depression, chronic stress, and chronic pain.

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