OK Medical Grower

Kush Mintz


Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

Balanced Hybrid


“Kush Mintz” is the king of kush & mint. This gorgeous bud is favorited by any connoisseur who is blessed enough to get his hands on this dark delicatessen. From its daunting appearance to its minty profile, this strain is simply a must-have for many of our hard-to-please patients. This strain acquired its name from both its Kush Mint parentage and its Kush Mint flavor.

This in your-face medicine originated in Southern California and was bred by Seed Junky genetics. By crossing the mythical "Bubba Kush" and their new "Cookie" brainchild called "Animal Mint" - Kush Mintz was born. This auspicious crossing created densely packed trichrome-laden buds that are enveloped in dark teal and dark forest green sugar leaves, checkered by glistening blankets of frosted emerald calyx and fire orange pistols.

Patients beware, this evenly balanced hybrid (50/50 Indica/Sativa) is a High-THC-strain. Not for the faint of heart. Kush Mintz aromatic profile consists mostly of lavender, hops, and orange with a notoriously minty exhale. And a truly unique palette of terpenes. Stair-stepping, it starts with the most dominant Linalool, then Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Pinene, and finished with just a hint of Camphene. This bountiful entourage of terpenes is nature's gift for a wide array of common medical ailments.

Although the high THC levels make this strain not very suitable for patients with a low tolerance, we have found Kush Mintz to be an ideal strain for those patients struggling with chronic ailments such as pain and mood disorders.

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